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Data Privacy Policy

Vortal ensures the protection of the privacy of personal information of its customers and employees through the application of technological and physical controls to prevent its compromise. For the proper treatment of this information are respected the Portuguese and international laws, besides the ISO 27001 standard, ensuring that the use of personal information for activities that are unrelated to the business processes and work activity is prohibited.

Vortal undertakes to ensure the appropriate safety measures against the destruction, loss, modification, access or accidental or unauthorized dissemination and cannot be held liable for any wrongful act that is not in their readiness to prevent and predict, including through periodic tests to the system security, by itself or by subcontractors for that purpose.

Personal data are intended to be used in contractual relationship with the user and can be transferred to third parties, including for marketing purposes. However, Vortal does not share or lease personal information t006F third parties without the express consent of their owners.

Vortal assures the data subjects rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as systems users and staff agree to keep your data updated.

The databases owned by econstroi are legalized to the National Commission for Data Protection in accordance with Case No. 4392001. Any information or request for additional clarification may be sent to the e-mail: