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Software Requirements, Compatibilities and Computer Settings

First mandatory requirement is installation of Java software which is used for the following actions in the platform:

- Digital signing of documents;
- Request and download of Authentication Certificates.

Administrative privileges are required to install Java software on your computer. Without installing this software in the computer, it is not possible to perform these actions.

If you are using a superior version of Internet Explorer 10 or other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the platform does not require Java for attachment of documents, it is only required for digital signing and request & download of authentication certificates.
It is not possible to realize these actions mentioned above without installation of this software on your computer.

If you are having difficulties accessing Vortal websites, please verify the topic of Network Configurations.

Anticipate technical questions related with software and compatibility, validate if you already have all required software.

How to?

Operating System and Browser Compatibility

System Validation

Network Configurations

Java Installation – Windows

Java Installation – MAC

Java Installation - Linux

Verify if Java is correctly installed on your computer

Verify if you already have Java installed - Windows e Linux

Verify if you already have Java installed – MAC

Update Java

Clear Java History (Cache) – Windows

Clear Java History (Cache) – MAC