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Authentication Certificates FAQs


On this page users can consult the most frequent questions about Vortal Authentication Certificates.

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How to?

When I click on “Request Authentication Certificate”, nothing happens in the browser and I am not directed to any page?

I use Internet Explorer 11 and having difficulties accessing the platform. How can I solve this situation?

When I access a public tender, an information message appears saying that authentication is required. Why?

I cannot authenticate with the authentication certificate that I have just requested and installed. How can I proceed?

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

How many authentication certificates can I associate to my user?

What is the difference between a certificate installed on my computer and certificated saved to a disk?

I cannot find the certificate file that I requested, how can I find it?

I deleted the certificate file, what should I do?

How long does it take to issue the certificate?

After requesting the authentication certificate, I select the .jks extension file, enter the password and when I click Download, a yellow message appears indicating that: "You don’t have permission to access file".